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MDNA à L'Olympia was a DVD concert special by Madonna, held in Paris at the Olympia on July 26, 2012, during the European leg of the MDNA Tour.

This show is special because the setlist was modified and shortened, adding 2 new songs never before interpreted live.

Professional recording, excellent audio and video quality.



MDNA Olympia Show:
- Radio Dial Static (video intro; with samples)
- Turn Up the Radio
- Open Your Heart (with Kalakan) (with snippets of "Sagarra jo!" by Kalakan)
- Masterpiece (with Kalakan)
- Justify My Love (video interlude)
- Vogue
- Candy Shop / Erotic (with samples from "Ashamed of…)
- Human Nature
- Beautiful Killer (Premiere: first time ever)
- Je t'aime... moi non plus (Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg cover - Premiere: first time ever)

Music Videos:
- Turn Up The Radio
- Give Me All Your Lovin'(LMFAO Remix Edit)
- Girl Gone Wild (Justin Cognito Extended Remix)
- Love Spent (Video Montage)
- Justify My Love (MDNA Backdrop)
- Human Nature (MDNA Backdrop)
- Nobody Knows Me (MDNA Backdrop)

MDNA Tour Interviews (South America):
- Chile TV
- Mexico TV
- Brasil TV
- Argentina TV
- Detalles (Canal 13, Chile)
- Alfombra Roja (Canal 13, Chile)


-Full packaging, artwork and disc image
-Runtime: 116min

Playable on ALL worldwide players (non-region coded NTSC)

MDNA Live Olympia 2012

SKU: 00042
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