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DVD of the Girlie Show in Japan, broadcast on Japanese television.



01. Intro / The Girlie Show Theme
02. Erotica
03. Fever
04. Vogue
05. Rain /Just My Imagination
06. Express Yourself
07. Deeper and Deeper
08. Why's It So Hard
09. In This Life
10. The Beast Within
11. Like a Virgin / Falling in Love Again
12. Bye Bye Baby
13. I'm Going Bananas
14. La isla bonita
15. Holiday
16. Justify My Love
17. Everybody / Everybody Is a Star
18. Outro

Extras: Bye Bye Baby (Promo Music Video)


-Full packaging, artwork and disc image
-Scene Selection
-Runtime: 2hr 3min

The Girlie Show (Live Fukuoka Japan 1993)

SKU: 00032
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