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Collection with Madonna's presentations on TV, charity shows and others, between 1983 and 2005 around the world.  The quality of image and sound is very good, varies according to the year of the performace.


DVD 1 - 1983-1984:
01 Burning Up - The Tube U.K.     
02 Holiday- The Tube U.K.     
03 Everybody- R.A.I. Uno Italy     
04 Holiday- Discoring Italy     
05 Holiday- Solid Gold U.S.A.     
06 Everybody- Danceparty U.S.A.     
07 Holiday- R.A.I. Uno Italy     
08 Everybody- Roxy U.S.A.     
09 Dress You Up- Paradise Garage U.S.A.     
10 Holiday- American Bandstand U.S.A.     
11 Holiday- T.O.T.P. U.K.     
12 Holiday- Super Channel U.S.A.     
13 Boderline- The Dance Show Germany     
14 Holiday- Eurotops Germany     
15 Holiday- Les Enfants Du Rock France     
16 Like A Virgin- M.T.V.- V.M.A. U.S.A.     
17 Holiday- Embarquement France     
18  Like A Virgin- T.O.T.P. U.K.     
19 Holiday- Hip Hop France     
20 Holiday- Super Platine France     
21 Like A Virgin- Solid Gold U.S.A.     
22 Like A Virgin- Japan IV     


DVD 2 - 1985-1993:
01 Holiday- Live Aid U.S.A.     
02 Into The Groove- Live Aid U.S.A.     
03 Love Makes The World Go Around- Live Aid U.S.A.     
04 Revolution- Live Aid U.S.A.     
05 La Bamba- Saturday Night Live U.S.A.     
06 Take On Me- Saturday Night Live U.S.A.     
07 1-2-3- Saturday Night Live U.S.A.     
08 Like A Virgin- Japan T.V. I     
09 Like A Virgin- Japan T.V. II     
10 Like A Virgin- Japan T.V. III     
11 Like A Virgin- Japan T.V. IV     
12 I Got You Babe- Rain Forest Benefit U.S.A.     
13 Express Yourself- M.T.V. Video Music Awards U.S.A.     
14 Vogue- M.T.V. Video Music Awards U.S.A.     
15 Sooner Or Later- Oscar's Ceremony U.S.A.     
16 Happy Inauguration- Saturday Night Live U.S.A.     
17 Fever- Saturday NIght LIve U.S.A.     
18 Bad Girl- Saturday Night Live U.S.A.     
19 Fever- Arsenio Hall 1000 Show U.S.A.     
20 The Lady Is A Tramp- Arsenio Hall 1000 Show U.S.A.     
21 Bye Bye Baby- M.T.V. Video Music Awards U.S.A.


DVD 3 - 1995-1998:     
01 Take A Bow- American Music Awards U.S.A.     
02 Secret- Wetten Dass Germany     
03 Take A Bow- Wetten Dass Germany     
04 Bedtime Story- Brits Awards U.K.     
05 Take A Bow- San Remo Italy     
06 You'll See- T.O.T.P. U.K.     
07 You Must Love Me- Oscar U.S.A.     
08 Frozen- National Lottery U.K     
09 Frozen- Best M Of The World, U.S.A.     
10 Frozen- San Remo Italy     
11 Frozen- Tele5 Spain     
12 Frozen- Les Annees Tubes, France     
13 Frozen- Wetten Dass Germany     
14 Frozen- Rosie O' Donnell Show, U.S.A.     
15 Ray Of Light- The Oprah Winfrey Show U.S.A.     
16 Little Star- The Oprah Winfrey Show U.S.A.     
17 Shanti/Ashtangi- M.T.V. V.M.A. U.S.A.     
18 Ray Of Light- M.T.V. V.M.A. U.S.A.     
19 Power Of Goodbye- V.H.1. U.S.A.     
20 Power Of Goodbye- Weten Dass Germany     
21 Power Of Goodbye- Sacrees Femmes France     
22 Drowned World- Sacrees Femmes France     
23 Power Of Goodbye- M.T.V. E.V.M.A. Italy     
24 Power Of Goodbye- Luuk T.V. Sweden     
25 Drowned World- Septimo De Caballeria, Spain     
26 Power Of Goodbye- Septimo De Caballeria, Spain     
27 Power Of Goodbye- T.O.T.P. U.K.     


DVD 4 - 1999-2003:
01 Nothing Really Matters- Grammy U.S.A.     
02 Don't Tell Me- Late Show U.S.A.     
03 Don't Tell Me- Wetten Dass Germany     
04 Don't Tell Me- Nulle Part Ailleurs France     
05 Music- Nulle Part Ailleurs France     
06 Don't Tell Me- T.O.T.P. U.K.     
07 Music T.O.T.P. U.K.     
08 Don't Tell Me Carramba Che Fortuna Italy     
09 Music- M.T.V. E.V.M.A. Sweden     
10 Music- Grammy U.S.A.     
11 Mother And Father- Today Show U.S.A.     
12 American Life- Friday NIght With Jonathan Ross U.K.     
13 Hollywood- Friday Night WIth Jonathan Ross U.K.     
14 Don't Tell Me- Friday Night With Jonathan Ross U.K.     
15 American Life- C.D. U.K.     
16 Hollywood- C.D. U.K.     
17 American Life- Absolut Madonna Germany     
18 Hollywood- Absolut Madonna Germany     
19 Music- Absolut Madonna Germany     
20 Hollywood- T.O.T.P. U.K.     
21 American Life- La Chanson No.1 France     
22 Hollywood- La Chanson No.1 France     
23 Music- La Chanson No.1 France     
24 Like A Virgin- M.T.V. V.M.A. U.S.A.     
25 Hollywood- M.T.V. V.M.A. U.S.A.     


DVD 5 - 2005:
01 Imagine- Tsunami Aid U.K.     
02 Like A Prayer- Live 8 U.K.     
03 Ray Of Light- Live 8 U.K.     
04 Music- Live 8 U.K.     
05 Hung Up- M.T.V. Europe Video Music Awards Portugal     
06 Hung Up- Wetten Dass Germany     
07 Hung Up- Parkinson U.K.     
08 Get Together- Parkinson U.K.     
09 Hung Up- Star Academy France     
10 Get Together- Star Academy France     
11 Hung Up- Children In Need U.K.     
12 Get Together- Children In Need U.K.     
13 Hung Up- Smap X Smap Japan


-More than 5 hours of performances.
-Includes animated menu with selection of the performace.
-Full packaging, artwork and disc image

* Gift 5 pictures

TV Performance Collection 1983 - 2005 - 5 DVD Set

SKU: 00040
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